Christmas village display, makikita sa isang bakery sa La Loma, Quezon City | BK

88 days na lang Pasko na! Kaya kaniya-kaniyang paandar na rin sa pagde-decorate ang iba't ibang establisyemento sa bansa. Tulad ng bakery sa Quezon City. #BalitaKo Balita Ko is a noontime GMA Network newscast, anchored by Raffy Tima and Connie Sison. It airs on GTV Mondays to Fridays at 11:00 AM (PHL Time). #GMAIntegratedNews #KapusoStream Breaking news and stories from the Philippines and abroad: GMA Integrated News Portal: Facebook: TikTok: Twitter: Instagram: GMA Network Kapuso programs on GMA Pinoy TV:

Which countries have the most billionaires?

‘Fur-real!’: Grab Philippines announces return of on-demand GrabPet service

Pet owners are allowed to travel with their pets again when booking Grab rides through this on-demand service. Grab Philippines on September 27 announced the return of its GrabPet service, wherein passengers can take their pets with them during their travels using the ride-hailing application. “YES, FUR-REAL. GrabPet is finally back!” Grab said on Facebook. […]

Mind-blowing facts about the US that most Americans would be surprised to learn

How much do you know about the United States of America? For example, are you aware that the current American flag was designed by a 16-year-old as part of a school project? Or that the US does not have an official language? What about the fact that there are more cattle in South Dakota than people? And are you aware that the nation is the only one on Earth that features all five major climate zones? Intrigued? Click through and be surprised by these amazing reality checks and more.

Turkish Airlines awarded world-class honor anew

TURKISH Airlines, the most valuable brand of Turkiye, has been honored with the World Class award for the third time by Airline Passenger Experience Association (APEX), one of the leading organizations in the aviation industry. During the APEX/IFSA Global Expo held in California, Turkish Airlines received the World Class award in recognition of its global leadership in guest experience and service quality in the aviation industry. Accepting the...

Coffee and Comfort: Dine-In at Don Macchiatos USC Branch

Are you on the lookout for cafes offering affordable drinks and snacks in Cebu? Your search ends here! Cebu’s first P39 coffee, Don Macchiatos is making waves with the opening of its latest store in downtown Cebu, proudly marking its 600th branch. Nestled on P. del Rosario Street in Cebu City, right next to Sto.

Mata revolutionizes tourism with VR technology

MATA Technologies Inc. — a pioneering, Cebu-based company, specializing in virtual maps and virtual tours for tourism and real estate — celebrated its official launch at the Asian Institute of Management Aboitiz Tech Space on Sept. 5, 2023. The event was graced by guests and partners, including Looc Mayor Marlon dela Torre and Lubang Mayor Michael Lim Orayani as well as attorneys Mariliza "Bunny" Kalaw, Teodoro "Teddy" Kalaw 4th and Rami...

Tickets for 'Van Gogh Alive' exhibit in BGC now on sale

After a long wait, Filipinos can finally experience the must-see Van Gogh exhibition as tickets are now available. In a Facebook post, BGC Arts Center said two-hour passes for the comeback of the "Van Gogh Alive" exhibit are available at the following prices: Student/Child – P890 Early Bird Rate – P990 Regular Rate – P1,200 A Premium Flex Pass is a...

The world's biggest tourist attractions in winter and summer

Travel is a year-round option, and just because cold weather has arrived doesn't mean the vacation is hold. In fact, winter can transform a destination. A blanket of snow, for example, adds a magical veneer to any visitor attraction, lending it seasonal sparkle and extra "must-see" appeal. But are you a winter wanderer, or do you prefer a sojourn in the summer? To help make up your mind, here are some of the most celebrated tourist sites listed in their summer and winter coats. Browse the gallery and decide what time of year you want to travel.

The largest nations without landmarks or essential infrastructure

Some of the largest countries in the world can also be the smallest. It all depends on what you're measuring a nation against. For example, Saudi Arabia is the biggest country in the world without a river. But it's not the biggest country on the planet per se. In this quiz, we take a look at some contradictions using countries that are the largest and second-largest on the planet depending on a certain characteristic. Confused? Sit back, click through, and all will become clear. Probably...

Santa Museum sa Antipolo, bukas na simula ngayong araw | UB

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These are the most terrifying places in the world

Many of us possess a sense of adventure, a yearning perhaps to travel to places remote and untouched or destinations nearer to home that are unusual and set well under the tourist radar. But would you ever consider visiting anywhere that had a disturbing or terrifying reputation, or was imbued with a history so alarming and mystifying that few would ever dare follow in your footsteps? It takes an intrepid explorer to answer in the affirmative, but the rewards can be inspiring and actually quite educative! So, are you ready to be frightened? Click through and start mapping out a route to malevolence.

Who was Columbia, the first personification of America?

You may be familiar with the word "Columbia." It is after all known across the US, and has been used to name all sorts of things, from cities and rivers to universities, record labels, and space shuttles. The origins of the name can be traced back to explorer Christopher Columbus. It was then used to identify the first personification of America. So Columbia, also known as Lady Columbia, or Miss Columbia, has been around for a long time, even representing America before Uncle Sam. But who was Columbia, really? Click through this gallery and find out about the earliest personification of America.

The tragically long list of stars who died in hotel rooms

Over time, many well-known individuals have been found dead in hotel rooms. Whether due to drug overdoses, heart attacks, or freak accidents, these celebrities met tragic ends in a lonely setting. Click through the gallery to remember the stars who died in hotel rooms.

Spot Stays: This Six-Hectare Luxury Resort Is Your Newest Home in Samal

The room rates start at P8,950.

Bestwestern Ivywall Resort – Panglao’s Lifelong Mission: Giving Back to Nature

In an inspiring display of environmental commitment, The Bestwestern Ivywall Resort – Panglao recently hosted the 2023 International Coastal Cleanup on the Alona Beach on September 16. The event garnered an impressive turnout, with 454 dedicated volunteers joining forces from various sectors, including local government units and the private sector. This annual initiative, aimed at

Walt Disney's dark side

Disney has come a long way since its founding a hundred years ago. Nonetheless, it is important to understand the individual responsible for bringing Mickey Mouse to life. Revered as "Uncle Walt" by many, Walt Disney holds a special place in the hearts of countless individuals worldwide. Others, however, thought he was a living nightmare. Explore the enigmatic aspects of Walt Disney by clicking through this gallery.

Do you know what credit actually is?

Most of us have applied for credit at some point in our lives. But what exactly is credit? How much do you know about it? For example, are you able to use a credit card effectively? And how do you go about improving your credit rating? Come to think of it, what exactly is a credit rating? Still trying to crunch the numbers? Click through and find out what credit can do for you, how you can use it, and the best way to look after your finances with it.

This Hotel Near NAIA Opens Early Reservations to Avoid the Holiday Stress

Booking is until October 20 only.

Saboteurs just blew up a very rare Russian airplane

The longest words in the world, and what they mean

If you think about it, words are perhaps the single greatest invention of mankind. Language has separated us from most other animals, and has allowed us to not only transmit information in an efficient way, but has also opened up an infinitely vast world of creative expression. We can all agree, however, that language isn't always a walk in the park. Sometimes we can't find the right words for what we want to say, and other times the words available to us are impossibly long and complex. We've all heard "supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," and we all know it's not exactly a 'real' word. So what are they longest words in the world, and how could we ever possibly use them? Read on to find out.

Sip in Style at Cebu’s Newest Hotspot: Tanqueray Bar Opens at 1521 Bistro+Bar

Tanqueray Bar officially opened its doors to the vibrant city of Cebu on September 16, 2023. This grand inauguration occurred at the charming 1521 Bistro+Bar in the heart of the bustling Bonifacio District, Cebu City. The collaboration between Tanqueray and 1521 Bistro+Bar promised a night of elegance, creativity, and unforgettable flavors. A unique dress code

Palace to public: Keep masks on

MANILA, Philippines — While the air quality in Metro Manila and nearby areas has returned to normal due to the subsiding volcanic smog or vog from Taal Volcano and pollution-related smog, Malacañang is still recommending the wearing of face masks as a protection against pollution. “The latest DENR (Department of Environment and Natural Resources) update indicates favorable air quality readings at its monitoring stations,” the Presidential...

Wellness tourism: tips to improve physical and mental health

Forbidden places around the world you can’t visit

It's hard to imagine that there are a lot of places around the world that people are prohibited from visiting. Unless you're a researcher, scientist, or military officer, some of these places are strictly forbidden for the general public, which adds another layer of mystery to them. There are historical sites that are so fragile they can be easily damaged by humans, and also some seriously dangerous places many of us would be terrified to visit. From an island infested with snakes to a vault holding special secrets, check out these extremely fascinating and forbidden places. Click on!

The most haunted objects in history

Spooky stories of haunted houses, desecrated burial grounds, and seafaring specters are enough to send chills down anyone's spine, but we can all take solace in the fact that as long as we avoid these very specific places, no supernatural misfortune should come our way. So then, what do you do when it's not an area that's cursed, but an object? An object capable of moving throughout the world, always bringing tragedy and destruction in its wake? That's an entirely different story altogether. There are many of these haunted items and artifacts all around the world, which might be to blame for some truly heinous crimes. From coffin lids sinking the Titanic, to terracotta sculptures with the power to wipe out villages, there's a lot more out there for you to be afraid of than you might have thought. Do we have your attention? Read on to learn everything you need to know about the world's most haunted artifacts.

DOTr chief: 19 OTS personnel fired for stealing from airline passengers

MANILA, Philippines — Transportation Secretary Jaime Bautista has revealed that since July 2022, some 19 personnel of the Office of the Transportation Security (OTS), which is an attached agency of the Department of Transportation (DOTr), have been fired because they were caught stealing from airline passengers. The Sept. 8 incident at the Ninoy Aquino International

29th PWWA International Conference and Exhibition, alamin!

29th PWWA International Conference and Exhibition, alamin!

20 unforgettable travel destinations in the Pacific

Meet Bobi, the oldest dog in world

A Miracle At Sea: Dolphins save long-distance swimmer from shark attack

Celebrities killed in air crashes

Sadly, plane crashes are more frequent than we would like to think, especially when it comes to the small private planes and helicopters often used by the stars. Many fatal flights have claimed the lives of renowned celebrities and public figures. Explore the gallery below to learn about the stars who tragically died in air crashes.

DoT, FDCP to put up film heritage building

THE Department of Tourism and its infrastructure arm, the Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (Tieza), signed a 22-year agreement on Tuesday with the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) to put up a film heritage building in Intramuros, Manila. The building, which will occupy an 800-square-meter property along Sta. Lucia Street in Intramuros, next to "Beaterio de la Compania de Jesus" and Tieza's Light and Sound...

The UK from above: the best drone photography

These days drone photography is growing increasingly popular. The ability to take aerial photos used to be just for those with access to a plane. Now, anyone with a drone can do it. Take a look at the following gallery to see some of the best drone photography of the UK.

The most beautiful beaches on the planet

Strange things people leave at the graves of famous figures

In some cultures, gravesites are cherished places where the living can continue to honor the dead. Most commonly, flowers, candles, and stuffed animals are left behind as symbols of love, respect, and admiration. These gifts are a way for people to feel connected with the deceased and to help their spirit live on. Some gravestones, however, have seen rather unusual items, only made more unusual if you have no context behind them (though sometimes even the context can't fully explain it...). These strange grave gifts often have fascinating tales tied to the deceased figure's history, and provide some insight into their lasting impact on people. Intrigued? Click through to see the most unusual things people leave at the graves of famous figures, and why.

Celebrities who were found dead in hotels

This International Brand Is Opening a Luxury Hotel in Puerto Princesa

Four Points by Sheraton launches in Q4.

Over 3,000 volunteers join Bellevue ICC 2023

THE Bellevue Resort's International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) 2023 set new standards with an impressive turnout of more than 3,000 volunteers. This marked the sixth consecutive year of the event. The 5-star sanctuary and Asean (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) Green Hotel awardee teamed up with Plastic Free Bohol, Cebu Pacific, Miss SCUBA Philippines, Selrahco, Island Living Channel, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department...

The Germanwings tragedy: how one pilot's decision changed history

An infamous flight took off from Barcelona on March 24, 2015, and never arrived at its intended destination. Instead, the plane was involved in a devastating crash in the French Alps that killed everyone on board. Germanwings Flight 9525 was one of the worst tragedies in the history of air travel, but the horror only truly set in when the cause of the crash came to light. What first appeared to be a terrible accident was revealed to be a senseless crime of epic proportions. Click through the following gallery to learn all about what happened on that fateful day.

Kauna-unahang Tourism Pride Summit, inilunsad ng DOT bilang pagsuporta sa LGBTQIA+

Kauna-unahang Tourism Pride Summit, inilunsad ng DOT bilang pagsuporta sa LGBTQIA+

Ilang lugar sa Metro Manila, binaha; baha, nagdulot ng mabigat na trapiko sa ilang kalsada

Ilang lugar sa Metro Manila, binaha; baha, nagdulot ng mabigat na trapiko sa ilang kalsada

Bacolod City cafe calls out vloggers offering endorsements for free food, transpo

A cafe in Bacolod City called out vloggers who offered “endorsements” in exchange for free meals and transportation. Mr. Bunny Cafe, one of the few rabbit cafes in the country, said on Tuesday that it does not support vloggers or vlog endorsements in exchange for their free transport services and menu bestsellers. “If you truly […]

How to get the best out of your remote work environment

Remote work has taken the world by storm. Since the dreaded pandemic, new ways of work have had to be established, and some of them have required a rather large amount of adjusting. Working from home, while having many benefits, may also have many downsides if you're unprepared and don't know what to expect. This gallery takes you through some of the ways to make sure you get the most out of your remote work environment. Some of our tips seem obvious, but are easily forgotten. Regardless if it's a refresher or new tips that you need, our gallery has you covered. Simply click on!

Honqi officially opens in the Philippines

IF the Philippines and other nations have flag carriers that represent their countries in commercial flights, then China stands out as possibly the only nation globally to have its national flag represented by an automobile brand. This distinction belongs to the brand Hongqi (pronounced hong-chee), whose name literally translates to "red banner" in Chinese. This name not only reflects the color of China's flag but also symbolizes resilience,...

Do you dare drive this list of the highest roads in the world?

Nature presents us with some formidable obstacles, not least the incredible mountain ranges found scattered across the world. These precipitous and often remote regions are some of the most inaccessible on the planet. But even here you can find roads that climb the steepest of slopes to conquer the tallest of peaks. Indeed, these high altitude mountain passes represent some of the greatest engineering achievements of the modern age—and a motoring challenge that tests even the most daring and experienced of drivers. So, what are the highest points on Earth accessible by car? Click through and take the high road!

'Disney on Ice' returns to Manila this December | New Day

Disney on Ice is skating its way back to Manila this December as it marks 100 years of wonder. And to get us all pumped for their magical return are Disney on Ice skaters Gretchen and Scott Trowbridge. Visit our website for more #NewsYouCanTrust: Follow our social media pages: • Facebook: • Instagram: • Twitter:

The Guide to In-Demand Jobs in New Zealand

You don’t have to search too far.

Did you know the US government is hiding a secret airline?

Did you know that the US government operates a top-secret airline called Janet? The airline tends to fly under the radar, even though it operates out of commercial airports. However, if you've never noticed the discreet, unmarked aircraft fleet, you're not the only one. Janet's operations and the activities of the passengers it transports are highly classified, but take a look at what is known about the airline in the following gallery.

Skydiver gets decapitated by plane's wing moments after jump

Be careful if you ever feel like skydiving as an experienced wingsuit skydiver suffered a gruesome fate at the hands of a plane’s wing. In a report by The Times carried by the New York Post, 40-year-old Nicolas Galy's head was decapitated after he smashed into a plane’s wing just 20 seconds into his jump in the South of France. He was one of the tw...